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CHANCE:  Due to our rapid expansion we felt the need for another lesson horse. After looking at over six prospects, none of which would be suitable for our program, I shared my frustration with Betty, a friend of mine. Of course I also shared with my best friend, the Lord, in my prayer time. I cried out to Him and told Him that I knew that He had to have something better in store for us. The very next day, I received an e-mail from a lady by the name of Debby who had rescued a horse out of Indiana. She heard about us and wanted to know if we wanted him. She said he was turned out in a field with a bunch of young horses who, in their own fight for survival, were biting and kicking the heck out of him to keep him from getting any hay. We tried to set a date for me to go and see him but due to hectic schedules, we just could not agree on a date and time. Sensing my frustration, Debby offered to drive him out to our farm, which was around 98 miles away. At first I thought, boy, she must really want to get rid of this horse. Debby said that he was a very gentle soul and just in need of a good home. She had gotten a few pounds on him since she had taken him in and also gave him his shots and had the farrier trim his hooves. With an apprehensive heart I agreed and the date was set. Good Friday was the day for him to be brought to our farm. Debby and I talked the night before he arrived and I relayed the story about asking God to provide a new horse for our program. She too had prayed to God that very same day, to help her find a home for this precious boy that she had rescued. She already had enough horses of her own and did not need another mouth to feed. We both shared our stories and agreed that God really does answer prayers. In my heart I just knew this horse was going to be a blessing to everyone here at Victory Reins. Moving day came and off the trailer came the most pathetic looking, malnourished, horse that I had ever seen. His hair was very long and curly yet rubbed to the skin in some places. After a short grooming session, we realized that he was covered in lice! After conferring with the vet and getting information on line as to the cure, it was off to the store to purchase lice dusting powder. The Internet suggested that we body clip him and burn the hair as well. He stood for over three hours while I shaved his hair off and then blanketed him to keep him warm from the chill. Once I shaved his hair off I realized that this horse was near death. You could place your fingers in the valleys between his ribs and every vertebra on his spine was clearly defined. He was nothing more than skin stretched over bones. We kept hay in front of him and every time he finished a flake we'd toss him another. There were some days where he went through a whole bale of hay. It took him several weeks to realize that he would no longer have to fight for his food and that he was in a safe place now. We almost called him Hoover, since he sucked up every last piece of hay. It took him several days to get up the energy to attempt the trot and after about 10 days he actually let out a pathetic little buck in the arena. It was so comical that he made me laugh. After weeks of lunging him to get some muscle tone and trying to find a saddle to fit him since he had no fat pads to cover his withers, we gave him a spin around the arena. After taking a chance on him and feeding him and vetting him for months before we would even know if he'd work out for the program, he has blossomed into the sweetest, most honest horse in our program. Appropriately, we have named him Chance. He has a story of hope to tell each and everyone he meets. Once broken and abandoned, useless in the eyes of the world, near death, God intervened and brought him to that safe place. He now has a great home, an awesome job and is loved by everyone he meets. Love has restored this broken horse and given him a purpose in life. He is God's gift to us here at Victory Reins and we will continue to use Chance for God's glory!


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