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My name is Sonny, I am 19 years old. And have a clinical diagnosis ofAngelman Syndrome. Usually we aren’t able to walk with out support or talk at all. Amazingly I can almost run! I have been riding horses for about 11 years now.When I first started, I needed to be supported in order not to fall off with each step the horse took. Now I ride totally independent and am learning lots of fun things. I have been learning how to communicate using sign language

I was lucky enough to have my own horse to ride whenever I wanted but all I did was sit on the horse while I was being led around. This was very helpful for my core/trunk muscles but sometimes I would get bored. Now that I am riding at Victory Reins, I am learning how to steer and even stop my horse. I get to play fun games on horseback and steer around barrels and weave cones. They have even taught me how to communicate ‘walk on” to my horse by tapping in the saddle. I can even trot now! I love to trot! A few weeks ago we went to our first horse show and I won a blue ribbon! I love the staff at Victory Reins look forward to seeing them every week!



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