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I never imagined, in my entire life ,that I Georgia would ever be able to ride a horse. I was born with Cerebral Palsy and am rather limited as to my mobility. My Physical therapist recommended that Horseback riding would be an excellent way to help me stretch my legs. It would also improve my balance, strengthen my core muscles and do a whole lot more that I really don’t understand but am living proof that it does!

Riding not only helps me physically but also mentally. It gives me such a great feeling of accomplishment. It helps me unwind and relieves stress. It gives me a “ can do” attitude! Riding has given me such a freedom and a feeling of pure happiness that definitely puts a smile on my face.

Trust me, Victory Reins is awesome! They encourage me to be as independent as possible and are always coming up with new exercises that I do on horseback to work to strengthen my muscles.

It is such a pleasure to work with the volunteers, Deb, Geri, and Sandy at Victory Reins! I look forward to our session every week!

-Georgia Abbott-



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