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Frequently asked questions

Parent Horsemanship Session and Fact Sheet

How can I get my child scheduled for a session?

Please call us at 815-478-4879 and see what times and sessions are available. We reserve a 6 week session for your child and will continue to reserve your spot for as long as you so desire. Please make a note that we do not conduct lessons when the weather is below 20 degrees or above 90 degrees.


What is the necessary paperwork that needs to be completed?

Everyone who comes to the farm will need to sign a release form because of the unpredictable nature of horses  and farm life. You and each person you bring is required to have our current release form on file or completed first thing upon arrival. Our insurance dictates that anyone who does not have a current release form can not be involved in any of our farm activities.


Do I need to stay on the property during my child’s session?

Yes. Although you are free to sit and enjoy a good book down by the pond, relax on a picnic table or in your car, we require that you stay on the property so we can find you in case of an emergency or if your child needs you for any particular reason. We also encourage you to observe your childs’ interaction with volunteers and horses. It will open up a whole new world for you and your child.

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